Teacher FAQs

Are EngageNY and NYLearns the same thing?

No. EngageNY is a website maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) that provides information and resources to the public. NYLearns is an interactive, standards-based platform that provides educators with tools to manage their curricula.

How will NYLearns make it easier for me to teach the Common Core in my social studies, math, or ELA classroom?

NYLearns offers registered users hundreds of fully developed NYS P-12 Common Core curriculum maps for social studies, math, and ELA. Curriculum maps are searchable by keyword, grade level, subject area, course, and/or organization. Each curriculum map typically includes the name of the unit, specific Common Core standards, essential questions, content, skills, instructional resources, and assessments.

Can I recommend resources and content to NYLearns?

Yes. If there is a particular resource that you would like to see on NYLearns, please let us know. NYLearns is an active project; we are continuously trying to improve and update our content.

Why can’t I just use Google to find resources and content for my classroom?

Simple Google searches are ineffective and time-consuming; it could take hours to sort through thousands upon thousands of results that might not even adhere to New York State Standards. Conversely, NYLearns implements a highly searchable database that guarantees relevant standard-based resources in minutes.

Where do NYLearns resources—including the model curriculum—come from? What process do you employ to ensure their quality?

NYLearns has established relationships with a number of professional content providers all across the country. Additionally, NYLearns employs its own team of experienced educators who carefully check content to ensure that it includes quality resources that align to appropriate state standards.

How can my students use NYLearns?

NYLearns promotes student-centered instruction. Students can use NYLearns to view standards, acknowledge expectations, and anticipate objectives. As a result, students can set goals and contribute to their own success.

Can I subscribe to NYLearns?

No. Individual subscriptions are not currently available. However, if you are interested in NYLearns, you are encouraged to speak with your principal about investing in a subscription for your school.
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