Administrator FAQs

NYLearns vs. EngageNY

Are EngageNY and NYLearns the same thing?

No. EngageNY is a website maintained by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) that provides information and resources to the public. NYLearns is an interactive, standards-based platform that provides educators with tools to manage their curricula.

Does NYLearns have an official relationship with EngageNY or NYSED?

No, although NYLearns is constantly updating information based on NYSED. While there is no official relationship between NYLearns and NYSED, both organizations interact informally by participating in the same workshops and conferences.

Why should our district pay to use NYLearns when EngageNY is free?

While both NYLearns and Engage NY provide the public with free access to resources and content, only NYLearns offers additional curriculum development tools that make educational objectives quicker and easier to accomplish for a small fee.


Can I purchase NYLearns through BOCES?

Yes. NYLearns has a statewide contract with Erie 1 BOCES; you may cross-contract through your BOCES or RIC. The contact person at Erie 1 BOCES is Michele Okal-Fink: 716-821-7200.

What is the NYLearns pricing model?

NYLearns’ pricing is based on a per student/per building model as determined by BEDS codes. For larger buildings that cater to more than 600 students, the pricing is capped.

How can I subscribe to NYLearns?

NYLearns subscriptions are available at the district or building level. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact us.

Usage and Resources

For which subjects does NYLearns offer Common Core curriculum maps?

NYLearns subscribers currently have privileged access to hundreds of curriculum maps for social studies, math, and ELA. Curriculum maps are searchable by keyword, grade level, subject area, course, and/or organization. Each curriculum map typically includes the name of the unit, specific Common Core standards, essential questions, content, skills, instructional resources, and assessments.

Where do NYLearns resources—including the model curriculum—come from? What process do you employ to ensure their quality?

NYLearns has established relationships with a number of professional content providers all across the country. Additionally, NYLearns employs its own team of experienced educators who carefully check content to ensure that it includes quality resources that align to appropriate state standards.

How can NYLearns facilitate collaboration among teachers, leaders, students, and parents?

The tools on NYLearns create an environment where teachers, leaders, students, and parents can all share ideas, make suggestions, and communicate in general. For example, districts can share curriculum maps with each other; teachers can share lesson plans and resources within their department, district, or entire state. NYLearns also allows teachers to publish their own website so parents and students can see assignments, due dates, and other information that strengthens the home-school connection.

How can I ensure that my district’s curriculum on NYLearns doesn’t change? By giving teachers access, won’t they be able to change anything they want?

No. NYLearns equips different users with different rights and permissions that regulate user control. Each district has the ability to choose which users have what role. In other words, a district can have its curriculum placed in NYLearns without fear of teachers changing it. User roles can be adjusted at any time.

How can students in my district use NYLearns?

NYLearns promotes student-centered instruction. Students can use NYLearns to view standards, acknowledge expectations, and anticipate objectives. As a result, students can set goals and contribute to their own success.

Why can’t my teachers just use Google to find resources and content for their classrooms?

Simple Google searches are ineffective and time-consuming; it could take hours to sort through thousands upon thousands of results that might not even adhere to New York State Standards. Conversely, NYLearns implements a highly searchable database that guarantees relevant standard-based resources in minutes.

What reports can I run using NYLearns? Can NYLearns provide me with any type of data?

NYLearns will work closely with you to provide any reports or data you need. NYLearns has experience providing districts with an analysis of their curriculum, indicating which standards were either over- or underrepresented.


My district currently uses a different curriculum management system. How can you help us make the transition to NYLearns?

The NYLearns team will work closely with you and your school district in whatever way necessary to ensure a seamless transition to the NYLearns platform.

My district already uses software to track data and help maintain user accounts. Can you integrate my district’s existing software into NYLearns?

Yes. NYLearns will work closely with your district to integrate its existing tools into the NYLearns platform.
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