About NYLearns

What is NYLearns?

NYLearns is a dynamic, online curriculum management and standards-based system. Created by a team of master teachers and PhDs in education, NYLearns was designed specifically for the New York State scholastic community. NYLearns helps educators quickly and easily:

  • Streamline instructional content based on New York State Standards.
  • Access 100+ Common Core curriculum maps for social studies, math, and ELA.
  • See how learning standards evolve from one grade to the next.
  • Differentiate instruction for a wide variety of learners.
  • Determine appropriate formative assessments.
  • View, modify, and incorporate successful lesson plans and materials.
  • Save resources to an accessible, unlimited cloud-based storage center.
  • Make meaningful contributions to curriculum development.

NYLearns provides practical tools and resources that give educators an edge on instruction.