NYLearns for Administrators

Supporting Teacher and Student Success

NYLearns respects the evolutionary nature of New York State Standards, and perhaps more importantly, we understand the immediate impact it has on standards-based test scores. To improve or uphold student proficiency in your district, invest in NYLearns. We consistently update instructional resources, assessment tools, and functionality so you can stay at the forefront of educational excellence.

Overall benefits for district leaders include:

  • A simple, seamless transition from your current curriculum management system
  • Inclusion of existing web tools into the NYLearns platform
  • The most powerful curriculum management platform with the best return on investment
    • Teacher tools used to improve standards-based test scores
    • Fully developed NYS P-12 Common Core curriculum maps for social studies, math, and ELA
    • Quick and easy access to NYS Standards-aligned resources
    • Customizable curricula according to specific needs
    • Opportunities to communicate and collaborate with colleagues district-wide
    • Curriculum analysis tools that identify which standards are over- or underrepresented
  • Statewide contractual support from BOCES
  • Assurance that teachers have the freedom to select which resources work best for them
  • Confidence in an active project that accommodates the most current needs in education
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